Files and filetypes that work with Kahana

Kahana supports a variety of files and filetypes and is expanding regularly

The supported file types in Kahana include:

  • Word documents (.doc and .docx)
  • Text files (.txt)
  • PDFs (.pdf)
  • images (.jpeg/.jpg, .png, .gif, .jfif)
  • web pages (.html or screenshot)
  • YouTube videos (embedded)

PowerPoint – If you want to read and take notes on a PowerPoint presentation or an Excel file within Kahana, export and upload it as a PDF.

Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Excel – If you want to transfer a document from Google Drive (e.g. Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets etc.) into Kahana, simply download the file as a .docx, .pdf, or .txt file and upload using your method of choice.

On Mobile – You can upload the following file types from your phone via the “New Resource Upload” button:

Photo Library – supports image uploads (iPhoto, Android). This feature does not support .mp4 and .mov files.

Browse – supports uploads (see above) from iCloud Drive and Google Drive.

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